Website development with CMS

Website development with CMS

Our projects are characterized by attractive appearance, high usability (Web Usability, UX), user-centered design (UCD — User-Centered Design), advanced technologies and individual search engine optimization (SEO).
The code we write is semantic, clean, and above all follows the standards of the Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C) *.
All this makes the sites we have implemented not only user-friendly, but also friendly to the Google search engine.

* W3C is an organization that sets standards for writing and downloading web pages.

The site is equipped with an intuitive CMS (Content Management System) admin panel — WordPress.

All projects are tested for functionality and consistency across all popular web browsers and mobile devices.

Website implementation includes:

☑ Unique graphic design adapted to the site theme with the possibility of modification according to Customer’s suggestions (graphic design is based on licensed photographs and graphics) 
☑ Responsiveness of the website (RWD Responsive Web Design — a method of developing a website in such a way that its appearance and layout adapt to the size of the device window — a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or phone)
☑ Using the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, PHP7.3, JavaScript, jQuery and others)
☑ CMS — WordPress (complete with user manual and individual training)
☑ Extension of the CMS system with all the necessary website administration tools
☑ Animated banner — on the start page and subpages controlled by the CMS panel (jQuery JavaScript technology)
☑ Interactive map with Google Street View technology
☑ Feedback form
☑ Photo gallery module using adaptive technology (RWD)
☑ Website optimization for selected keywords (SEO)
☑ Compliance of the project with the standards of the W3C organization
☑ Connecting to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Site, etc.)
☑ Additional security measures for the website
☑ Integration with Google Analytics
☑ Installing the website onto a server
Site placement in search engines
GDPR Compliance

CMS capabilities:

☑ Independent editing of the content on all pages of the website
☑ Expansion with new pages
☑ Adding new language versions
☑ Adding news (division into categories is possible)
☑ Creation of photo galleries and albums
☑ Creating and editing tables
☑ Link building
☑ Ability to publish videos
☑ Creating administrator accounts with well-defined permissions
☑ Automatically create and update a sitemap for Google robots
☑ Automatic database backup
☑ Encrypted https connection with an SSL certificate
☑ and others to order individually

We guarantee:

☑ Implementation and formatting of the presented content on 20 pages of the website
☑ Recommendations for the selection of content based on the used keywords
☑ Correct display and operation of the website in popular browsers
☑ Interactive course about working with the CMS system, as well as individual training
☑ Post-implementation support

What are the advantages of projects created according to the World Wide Web Consortium standards?

☑ Higher positions in Google search results
☑ Flawless work of the website on the network
☑ Friendly site links to increase visibility in Google search results
☑ Correct Google Indexing


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