Software To Facilitate Article Marketing

Software To Facilitate Article Marketing

There are five steps in the article marketing process. They are

  1. Research
  2. Writing
  3. Re-writing
  4. Spinning
  5. Distribution

If you prefer to do your own article marketing, here are the software and distribution packages that I recommend. If you rely primarily on article marketing for your backlinking efforts, I recommend all of these, but you may find it necessary to begin with just a couple and expand later as your budget permits.

Research For Articles

Frankly, we usually do our research the old fashioned way: We consult reputable sources in the subject. However, if you want a terrific shortcut, you can get Instant Article Wizard. This nifty tool gathers bits of articles from the web that can give you a quick education on practically any topic (keyword). It is a great tool for overcoming writers block and is priced within virtually everbody’s budget.

Writing The Article

Remember when your teacher told you that you had to learn to write clearly? That teacher was right. There is no software in the beginning of the 21st century that can do the writing anywhere close to the way that a human can.

Make sure that your writers are absolutely fluent in the language in which they will be writing. Since all of my article marketing is in English, I use only writers whose primary language is English. Chances are that if English is a second language, they will be insufficiently familiar with the slang and other nuances of the language to write articles that are interesting enough to keep the reader engaged. However, that doesn’t mean that I only use writers in the United States, even though that’s where my business is located. I use writers from the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and even India. Yes, many people from India can write superbly in English.

Re-Writing The Article

This is where some people take a shortcut and rely upon software. That is a mistake. Software is nothing more than a supplement for the human being who provides rewrites.

I sometimes use a piece of software called The Best Spinner to provide me with synonyms for specific words and phrases, but I only do so after the article has been rewritten by a human at least two times. When I use that software, I carefully select only the best substitutions for the context. In other words, such substitutions are only partly automated. Using the software in a more careless way can result in ridiculous versions of the article.

Spinning The Article

There is software that will spin the article to generate many unique versions, once you have rewritten it and inserted the appropriate syntax. The best I have found is Jetspinner/Jetsubmitter. It is a superb and very cost efficient online program. However, I use it infrequently because I have found that I can save an immense amount of time on the whole process by using a combination of spinner and distribution network such as those that I describe below.

All of the programs in the section about distribution have built in spinners, although they need previously re-written versions and proper spinning syntax to perform that function.

Distribution Of Articles

Each of these distribution services submit a unique article to each of the article directories and/or websites that will publish your work. In other words, your article is freshly spun at the time it is submitted. I have an account with each, so I know their capabilities.

Here are the four distribution services that I currently use. I will explain their special features below.

My Article Network (myarticlenetwork)—same network as AMA (article marketing automation)

Using this system is great for new sites or new pages on existing sites. Most of the publications will appear on low Page Rank sites, but it is a good way to begin your linking profile. You will get lots of publications in a short period of time, and those will increase steadily until you have well over 100 publications by the time your cycle completes.

SEO LinkVine (seolinkvine)

I have invested a lot of time uploading articles to SEO LinkVine. That is the primary reason that I maintain my membership. Initial publications come slowly and after several months of membership I have not found the fee worth the links that I receive. Still a link is better than none, so I continue as a member.

Article Ranks

This is a very unique service. There are several ways you may use it. The first way is by a monthly membership fee, similar to the others described here. However, you are also permitted to purchase distribution of a single article in a single niche for only $2. That is a bargain. Furthermore, you may set up your own site for publication of Article Ranks articles. Assuming your site has page rank, you will receive credits that can be used for submitting articles for each article you publish on your sites without any monetary exchange. Because of the incentive program, links from sites on this network are generally of higher value that links from the other networks.

Unique Article Wizard

The cost for this network is a bit more than the others. The value you receive comes in two ways. First, your article are reviewed by humans, meaning that only the better articles get past the screening. It’s like getting an editor for the price of your membership. Second, your articles are submitted to article directories so that you get the potential benefit of viral marketing.

On the downside, entering your article into UAW is more cumbersome than on other networks. I happen to think it is worth the extra time.

Overall Recommendations

If your objective is to get links to a new site or a new page, I would begin with MyArticleNetwork and then add UniqueArticleWizard and ArticleRanks.

If your objective is to add page rank to your page, I recommend ArticleRanks.

If your objective is to specifically drive direct traffic to your site or page, I recommend UniqueArticleWizard.

I spend approximately $2000 per year just maintaining memberships to the sites on this page. Of course, that does not include the thousands that I spend on writers. If that exceeds you budget, you might consider the option to out-source your article marketing requirements.