Review of SEO Software

Review of SEO Software

Companies owned by two giants of the search engine optimization world have developed software designed to eliminate many hours from the tasks of manually checking all the major variables that go into SEO. Some of those tasks are

  • Analyzing the SEO efforts of your competitors
  • Monitoring where your sites are listed for multiple keywords and phrases in all the major search engines
  • Tracking your sites’ number of pages that the various search engines have found
  • Tracking the numbers of inbound links for which you are credited
  • Assisting in your efforts in attracting external inbound links to your sites
  • Determining which sites are most important for you to convince to link to you
  • And more

Now, if you are experienced with SEO or have studied it extensively, you should recognize that all of these tasks can be accomplished without you owning any SEO software. However, it will literally take you hours to complete just one of the jobs that these software packages can accomplish for you in about the same time that it might take you to make a cup of coffee. (For some of the more complex tasks, you may also have time to drink the coffee.)

Furthermore, SEO is not a one time job. You have to keep monitoring your variables and your competition continually. If a piece of relatively inexpensive software can save you hours just once, it’s worth the price. But SEO software can save you hours every week throughout the long life of your business.

The two pieces of magical software are Brad Callen’s SEO Elite and Leslie Rohde’s Optilink. Each is priced just below $200.

I don’t find a great deal of difference between the two. I would rate each of them with five stars ( ***** ), but what’s the point, if I’m not going to choose one over the other? Personally, I slightly prefer SEO Elite, but I suspect that is only because I bought that one first, so I am most comfortable with it.

Both companies provide superior support and are highly reputable organizations. Much of what I know about SEO I learned from Rohde, and I own practically every product that Callen and his brother have ever created (and I am a very pleased returning customer).

If you have not yet purchased Keyword Elite (see our keyword research software reviews), I recommend that you buy SEO Elite and add the keyword software to your order. You’ll get a substantial discount.

On the other hand, if you already own Keyword Elite, it’s a toss up. I recommend that you visit the sites for Optilink and for SEO Elite and make your own determination. You can’t go wrong either way!

This will take you to Optilink, and this will take you to SEO Elite.

If you happen to be significantly strapped for cash, my recommendation would be to save the money as quickly as possible in order to buy at least one of these tools. On the other hand, if you feel you need something to carry you over in the meantime, there are two other alternatives. Rohde has a scaled down version called Optispider. Mark Ling’s Traffic Travis (reviewed in the keyword research section) can do some of the tasks of search engine optimization, but it is not nearly as powerful as my two recommendations. Both of these alternatives are just under $100 at the time I’m writing this.