Ready To Go Internet Businesses

Ready To Go Internet Businesses

If you don’t have the skills, yet, to build your own web site—and if you don’t want to spend the $500-$3000 to have a professional build one for you, there are already built, business web sites available.

All you have to do is 1) choose your business model (advertising/Adsense, dropship retail, or affiliate), 2) choose from the available niches, and 3) make your purchase.  Then you’re ready to get started.

Be sure to read our page on selecting a good hosting plan, before you actually publish your web site on the Internet.

Here’s some information about the kinds of sites that are available.  Note that the specifically available niches may change by the time you read this, but you’ll get an idea about what is included with these sites.


Adsense Site


Complete site with articles, links, contact, store, Adsense ads, etc.  Most have an eBook that you can sell immediately!

2-3 income sources.

7 niches to choose from!  Some with great potential.


Dropship Site


Complete site with products, affiliate links, contact, and much more.

Retail income stream.

17 niches to choose from!  Something to interest every one.


Affiliate Site


Complete site stocked with drop ship inventory, so you have not shipping worries.

Affiliate commis-sions!

12 niches to choose from.  (11 for U.S., since we can’t have a casino site!)