Determine Your Software Needs

Determine Your Software Needs

You will need to accomplish many of the tasks performed by the software types listed on our page listing useful software for an eCommerce business.  That does not mean, however, that you must purchase software immediately.  All of those tasks can be outsourced for a reasonable price; other tasks can be accomplished for free, if you are willing to invest the time instead of the money. 

Other software might be bundled into the hosting plan you have selected for your web site.  For example, the hosting plans that we recommend include basic shopping carts that can be integrated with various sorts of payment systems, including PayPal and Google CheckOut.  Our recommended hosting plans also have pre-built blogging platforms available at no extra charge.

As with many things, your software decisions will be greatly influenced by your budget.  To put it another way, some business owners have more available time than available money; for other owners the opposite is the case.

Directory listing, as just one example, is extremely time consuming.  You can outsource that quite inexpensively, or you can get listed in most directories with no cost.  Directory submission software on the other hand tends to be quite inexpensive, although it is not an entirely hands-off process (you’ll have to enter some information manually at many directories via your software).

As your online business evolves, you will discover where you are spending time that could be more productively spent doing other things.  You want to outsource or get software for those tasks that keep you from doing things that allow you to build your business and that you enjoy.  I was a slow learner in that regard.  I spent much more time than necessary on a lot of tasks, because I was reluctant to invest in software or outsourcing to do something that I could do for free.  I don’t make that mistake anymore.