Article Marketing Co-op: My Article Network

Article Marketing Co-op:
My Article Network

I joined an article marketing cooperative about five weeks ago, and I was planning to wait a bit longer before explaining how it works. However, I have started to see results much more quickly than I expected, so I decided to write about it now rather than keep you in the dark about this amazing opportunity. Article Distribution

I describe it as an article marketing coop, because the major reason I joined was to facilitate my article marketing strategy by expanding beyond the top rated article directories and establish more direct contact with individual websites more closely associated with my various marketing niches. It is actually much more than an improved avenue for content distribution to generate traffic and improve my various sites’ search engine optimization. I’ll postpone a description of its other tremendous value until further down the page though.

For your monthly membership fee, you may submit as many articles as you wish. There is a built in article spinner so that, after being well coded, you can provide each website that publishes you article with a unique version. (If you are unfamiliar with this process and its value, refer to our article on article spinning

The unique versions of the articles are automatically sent to people who have sites registered with MyArticleNetwork in the niche that is relevant to your article. These are distributed through the network at a natural rate of a few per day.

In the five weeks I have been a member, I have distributed a total of 47 articles through the network. Those articles are spread across 19 categories (sub-niches) of websites. So far, my articles have been published on almost 1400 sites, a number that will be surpassed by the end of the day. I have one, two or three links targeting long tailed keywords placed contextually within the articles. Thus, I estimate that I have a total of approximately 2800 new links to my sites (or to my other external links to give those external links greater power).

Each member is allowed to decide upon the maximum number of sites that may publish each article. Consequently, if I have an article that is very well prepared for spinning, I may decide that 80 sites may ultimately publish versions of that article. On the other hand, if I were to rush a spinning job, I might choose to allow it to be distributed to only ten sites in order to insure that each website has a unique version. (I never rush the spinning, because it is more efficient to spin thoroughly.) Content Provider for Your Blog or Site

One of the things that those of us who have had online businesses for a while recognize is that it is often difficult to find fresh content for our sites. Yet, the search engines reward sites that add unique content on a regular basis.

You may register an unlimited number of websites with MyArticleNetwork, choose your niche and then frequently receive fresh content pertinent to your readers without having to write it all yourself or paying others (such as my business) to write it for you. I have started four new sites in the past week that are primarily supplied by content by the coop members. I typically add a couple articles per day to each of those sites. I could add more, but I am selective in terms of the quality of writing as well as the thoroughness of the spinning. Add to that the pieces that I write myself or that are written by a member of my writing staff and I’m keeping the search engines a little busier indexing new content.

You do not have to pay anything to register at MyArticleNetwork to add your sites. After all, we article marketers are always looking for quality sites on which to publish our content. Of course, you will want to become a premium (paid) member so that you can use the article service to promote your own sites to increase your traffic and your search engine positioning.

This service is one of my best ever buys! It is on a short list of maybe three other products, all of which were much more expensive than MyArticleNetwork.