Article Marketing Strategy

Pay Attention To Article Marketing Strategy

Writing articles online is different from writing the same articles for a printed magazine. On the Internet, what matters is the visibility and recognition. It should be considered that each area of activity is covered by several sources and that only the most popular of them will reach a top position among the results offered by search engines. Therefore, it’s important to establish an article marketing strategy.

In order to achieve a quality market valuation, an article should accomplish several requirements. It must be informative, accurate, concise, and relevant and SEO optimized. Another feature that should be considered is the originality of the article. The search engines will not index articles with too similar content or identical content. The design and accessibility have also a major role for the usability of a website, associating visual images to the desired text message.

«Content is king» and «Content is everything» are two common expressions used by SEO experts, when they refer to the content’s function as a marketing tool. Let’s start by focusing on each of the following features of a quality article:

Keyword density; as we mentioned before, writing articles for the online environment is different from establishing the content of a printed magazine or journal. Besides the fact that each website should be concise, providing content for a certain area of activity, it should address to a specific category of visitors. Once the category has been chosen, the webmaster should use words that are likely to be typed out by visitors in the search box.

Keywords density represents the ratio between certain words strictly related to the website’s profile and the total word count; it has to be between 3%-5%, without exceeding these limits. An optimized article will propel the websites to the first pages of search results, generating traffic.

Quality content; when it comes about implementing an article marketing strategy, we should focus on attracting dedicated visitors and potential subscribers. If the content is impressive, people will return again and again to find more information. Moreover, high quality content promotes effectively the products, no matter if we’re talking about services or goods.

A simply and clear language; reading a text online is 25% more difficult than reading a printed text. Therefore, it’s better to avoid complex phrases and words. The article has to provide answers to potential visitors, without misleading them. Each paragraph should be limited to a certain message; this way, the visitors will take into account the main idea, even without reading the entire paragraph. It is recommended to write the conclusion in the first two sentences of the paragraph, in order to outline the main idea, followed by explanations and details.

Relevant content; many webmasters provide gobs of information that has nothing to do with the main idea promoted by the website. Some consider that by providing indirectly related details, the website will achieve a higher rank in search engines. Instead of creating confusion, the content must be relevant for the desired message. As more relevant the article is, as higher will be the changes of being indexed by search engines.

Only a few webmasters succeed to meet all the requirements of article writing and web design. A comprehensive article has become a major marketing tool, determining the usability, appearance and visibility of a website in search engines, having a major impact on the business promoted.