Service Business Online

Service Business Online

If you operate a business that provides a service to your customers, do not overlook the value of having your own website. If you have read our pages about the advantages of establishing a business website and the value that any business can derive from being online, then you may already be starting to think about how an Internet presence can help build your own service business.

Most service business rely heavily upon building a relationship with their customers, so that they can have those clients return again and again.

All service business should have a website.  For many, a small, mini-site will be sufficient.  Others will require a larger fully designed website that is built in a way that it can grow over time.

A key element in your Internet presence is your mailing list.  You should definitely build a strategy to gather email adresses of visitors in order to build that lasting relationship.

Here a just a few of the many examples of service providers who can benefit by creating an online presence with their own websites:

Restaurant Online:

Don’t stop after listing only your location, phone number and hours. Include your menu and collect email addresses so that you can send your customers announcements of new menu items, links to newspaper reviews and send them special subscriber only coupons. We can help you develop other ideas, as well.

Hair Salon or Barber Shop Online:

Your website and email newsletter might include updates about the continuing education of your stylists, new services, new products and even discounts for added services.

Mechanic Online:

Solicit testimonials from your customers and put those on your website. With their permission, include their names. Set up an email mailing list auto-responder to remind your regulars when their due for another oil change, air filter or cooling system flush. Announce seasonal specials and stay in regular contact.

Handyman (or Building Trades) Online:

Everyone needs a new handyman, but nobody seems to know how to find one. Use your classified ad to drive people to your web page, where listing everything you do is much cheaper than buying column inches. Your auto-responder email system can remind people to have their gutters cleaned in the fall, to winterize their outside plumbing, to check for leaky windows and so much more.