Attract New Customers to Your Existing Business

Attract New Customers to Your Existing Business

Perhaps one of the first things you thought of when you first decided to consider adding a web site for your business (or improving your existing web presence) was the ability to attract new customers. While you will see in subsequent pages that there are lots of other advantages to having an Internet presence for your business, there are very few better ways (if any) to get more customers or clients.

In order to accomplish that objective, you will need to follow a multi-pronged approach to your own Internet marketing plan.

Use Cross Promotion:

You should be employing an integrated marketing approach.  All of your communication channels should point to each other.  Get new business cards with your web address (URL) included prominently.  Put the URL on all invoices, cash register receipts, and anything else that you hand or deliver to your customer or client.  If you sponsor a local radio or television program, promote that program on your web site.

In your overall Internet marketing plan, be sure to implement article marketing to bring readers to your web site and to assist you in your Search engine optimization efforts.

Optimize Your Site for Web Searches:

This process is called search engine optimization (SEO).  The goal of SEO is for your business to show up near the top of the results for any person who is searching for a product or service that you provide. SEO is a very complex activity, and there are consulting firms that specialize in SEO.

The majority of completely new customers who discover your business online will find it by using a search engine.  You want to make that as easy as possible for them to do.

If you are a company that serves only your geographic community (and you want to stay that way because of the nature of your business), Google (the biggest search engine company) provides a lot of free, valuable information about local SEO.  (That is a bit easier than optimizing for national or international clientele.)  Part of that information has to do with how your business can show up on the Google map that appears if someone searches for, say, «widgets in St. Paul.»

Gather Leads and Convert Them Into Customers:

We have an entire article about how to gather leads on the Internet and email marketing to those leads.  You definitely do not want to overlook these concepts, because this is where your benefits in terms of revenues will occur more than in any other area of your online ventures.