Do It Yourself Web Design

Do It Yourself Web Design

With the right software, you really can build your own website! It’s not as hard as you probably think. You will eventually need to learn a bit of html programming language but not a lot. Besides, html is not that tough either.

Interestingly, in my estimation, the four most famous go in inverse order in a fame to value relationship.

Probably the most famous web authoring platform was Microsoft’s FrontPage. It is «past tense.» It was incompatible with most browsers and hosting companies.

Dreamweaver is a $400 piece of software that is well known far beyond its value. It has a lot of powerful features, but even the most elementary of projects has an extremely steep learning curve. If your primary business is web design, you should own a copy. In that case, it’s probably worth the time it will take to learn how to use it. Otherwise, pass over this one.


CoffeeCup makes what is probably the third best known website construction software. It is low cost (under $50), but I found it almost unintelligible after buying it. I have used other CoffeeCup software and found that I received good value, so I was surprised that I felt as if I wasted my money on their html editor. (On the other hand, I’ve gotten so much valuable use from their other software, that I can’t feel too badly about the company overall!)

The absolute best software I have found is by XSitePro. I bought their first version, and I was extremely impressed by how quickly even I could learn to use it. The latest version, which I bought the day it was released, is even more powerful. This automatically performs tasks that I previously had to do manually. Plus it does a lot of things that I wouldn’t have even thought about doing.

If I told you more about this remarkable software, you would think that I was making up words or that I owned the company (I wish I did!). If you want to design your own web sites, this is the software for you!